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Links to other people’s songs about global warming

I’m finding a lot of songs on line. I look for songs that both understand the problem and promote ways to solve it.

A great song from Sing for the Climate to the tune of Bella Ciao (powerful song saying good riddance to fascism at the end of World War II in Italy)

The site Step it Up has lots of songs.  Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Power from Above by Dan Berggren
  2. Climate Crisis Jam by The Planet Earth Project
  3. The Climate is a Changin’   Tune:  The Times They are a Changin'” mp3 here  by Climate Snufkin
  4. Promise to the Future by Fred Moolten
  5. Listen up by Pamet Sally & Benny B
  6. Climate Change Songs — by Sheena Phillips

More songs:

  1. Let’s Stop Global Warming by Christmas  by Larry Morgan & Rob Izenberg
  2. Global Warming Song by FLEP
  3. Global Warming Song: Forgetting Home (Unwelcomed Prophecy of Global Warming) a lament  by Joachim Eriksson
  4. Earth Song  Michael Jackson’s dark prophetic vision enhanced with photos
  5. Solartopia by Pete Seeger, Harvey Wasserman, and David Bernz
  6. Lullaby for the Earth by Frances Aubrey and Betsy Rose
  7. The Time has Come by Deborah Levoy

I’ll add more songs soon.

  1. Hi, I’ve written a few sets of lyrics for global warming songs. You can peruse them here:

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